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Weed Delivery San Diego

Our San Diego weed delivery service features top shelf cannabis at amazing prices!

From Concentrates to Flower, We Have The Cannabis You Need, Delivered To Your Door!

Our SD weed delivery service covers all suburbs in the San Diego area as well. Take a look at our catalog and tap the Start Order button when you're ready to have your weed delivered right to your door!

concentrates weed delivery san diego


From Badder to Budder and rosin to live resin, we have a full range of cannabis extracts for dabbing with your friends or alone. We feature highly potent concentrates that achieve upwards of 90% THC! With delicious terp combos, you're in for a dabtastic treat!

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From high potency brownies to cannabis crinks and dosed pretzels, we have all the edibles you need to get your munchies on. Our wide collection of edibles are perfect for non smokers and customers with a sweet tooth!

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Vape Cartridges

Take your medicine on the go with our assortment of cannabis vape cartridges. Featuring only the best brands like Stiizy and others, you'll get discrete, hard hitting vape cartridges delivered from the comfort of your home.

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Not feeling the smoke or high calorie edibles? Many of our medical patients and customers choose to ingest their THC in tincture form. The dosing can be more accurate and the high more predictable, so it's a great choice for lots of people.

san diego cannabis tinctures

Premium Pre Rolls

Not really wanting to break down your flower when you need medicine in a hurry? Order our premium prerolls for fast acting relief wherever you are. We have some of the hottest brands and strains to choose from like gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato and so many more!

san diego cannabis tinctures

Top Shelf & Budget Flower

We source our premium flower from a handful of the best cultivators in the entire state to ensure you're getting fire flower at a great price. Featuring strains like Zkittlez, Watermelon OG, Runtz, Gorilla Glue #4, Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake and so much more!

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San Diego Clones & Seeds

Finally ready to get your first in home grow going in the San Diego area? We have premium genetics in both clone and seed form to kick off your grow. Featuring strains like Gelato, Wedding Cake, Orange Crush, SFV OG and more. Contact us today if you have any questions about our strains.

San Diego Weed Delivery Reviews

Don't take our word for it, our customers love our delivery service and they're not shy about who knows. Take a peek at some of our most recent reviews.

arturo delivery customer

"My delivery got here fast and my driver was super cool..Great stuff." ~ Arturo M.

Steph delivery customer

"I order a couple times a month with you and everything has been phenomenal. My delivery guys are always friendly." ~ Steph P.

derren sd delivery customer

"Love the service and how strong your weed is. I love that you let us know when new strains drop, so thank you." ~ Derren L.

san diego weed delivery customers smoking

Why Choose Our San Diego Weed Delivery Service?

When deciding on the right cannabis delivery service for you, there are a number of factors you should consider before pulling the trigger. Here are a number of reasons why our delivery service is the best fit for your marijuana needs:


All of our marijuana products have been rigorously tested by 3rd party labs with exceptional track records. We ensure our THC percentages are accurate and there are no harmful toxins in the cannabis products we offer. We take extra precautions because we want to provide an exceptional product to keep you coming back to us. Your trust and health are paramount.


Each of our cannabis products from concentrates to edibles are sourced from trusted partners that have an established reputation for quality and attention to detail. You won't find dry weed or leaky vape pens with us. Every product has been quality checked by our staff to make sure you are happy with your San Diego weed delivery order, every time.

Speed & Professionalism

Centrally located near downtown, our weed delivery service drivers are never too far away to ensure reliable, same day weed delivery across all San Diego suburbs. Our drivers are clean cut, professional and friendly. We take customer service seriously and we want you to fall in love with us like all of our customers have.

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Benefits Of Weed Delivery In San Diego

As fellow San Diegans, we get it. We're all super busy people with much better things to do than wait in traffic after work, then wait an hour at the local dispensary before getting our medicine. Here are a number of reasons that weed delivery in San Diego is a no brainer:

Long Lines

We San Diegans are busy! Just getting down to your local dispensary is only half the battle. Once you get there you have to deal with a check in process that at peak hours can take up to an hour in some shops just to be taken care of. We take the hassle out of the dispensary process and let you chill at home on the couch while our staff does the work of delivering your weed.


Even though the stigma surrounding cannabis use has become less of an issue, some people simply don't want to be seen walking into or parking at a dispensary by family members, coworkers, or bosses by chance. We take your privacy seriously and allow you to obtain your medicine with full discretion. Order your weed delivery today to avoid getting into a sticky situation with people you don't want knowing about your cannabis use.


If you're like many of our patients driving to a dispensary or taking public transportation may be too painful of an experience. If you suffer from pain at all, sitting for extended periods in uncomfortable dispensary chairs may aggravate your pain. Instead of dealing with discomfort while getting to and waiting to be seen at a dispensary, just give order weed delivery with us and skip the pain!

We Love San Diego!

San Diego is a fun, vibrant city filled with amazing people. We love the energy of the ocean, the sunny days and perfect weather (most of the time). If you're new to San Diego, here are a few must see attractions and things to do while you're here.

  • Historic Belmont Park is an amusement park by the water, perfect for a sunny summer day.

  • Walk through beautiful Balboa Park on a spring day.

  • Hang with some of the world's most exotic animals at the San Diego Zoo!

If you're visiting San Diego and want to get medicine delivered for your trip, you're in luck! We deliver to all the major hotels in San Diego so you can stock up for your whole trip with us. Give us a call or start your order today!

Cannabis Delivery FAQ

We get a lot of questions about our SD weed delivery service, so we decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions for you here.

What SD Neighborhoods Do You Deliver To?

Great question! We cover all of San Diego, including these neighborhoods:

Downtown | Gaslamp Quarter | Pacific Beach | Little Italy | Mission Beach | Mission Valley | Clairemont | Point loma | Mira Mesa | San Ysidro | North Park | Sunset Cliffs | Mission Bay | Torrey Pines | Old Town | Hillcrest | East Village | Embarcadero | Miramar | Scripps Ranch | Kearney Mesa | Ocean Beach | La Jolla | North City | La Mesa and more!

How Do I Order A Delivery?

To order your weed delivery in SD simply click the Start Order button at the top of our site and you'll be taken to our menu where you can choose from our collection of cannabis products. We will require proof of your age and you must be 21 or older to completee your order.